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Tips to consider while searching for the right therapist

By Fabiola Williams M. Ed. LPC

Taking the initiative to see a therapist can be a long process. You finally get the courage to

make that appointment and BAM! Another obstacle presents itself as you may not connect

with your therapist or maybe the modality (treatment) approach is not working out for you.

Now you are faced with two options- fire your therapist or just stop showing up. Before you do

either of those things here are some tips that may help you get the mental health help you

need and deserve!

 Write your therapist a letter/email detailing concerns

 Ask for a referral from your current therapist

 Interview your therapist before you make the commitment

 Find a therapist that specializes in the particular area you are struggling with

 For people of color find a therapist that looks like you. Sometimes having someone with

a similar background, culture or race may be the missing piece to your mental health


Your mental health is important and finding the person you entrust with your mental health

care is crucial in your journey to mental health wellbeing. Let me know your thoughts or

suggestions in the comment sections.

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